The Fig Factor


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Unleash the AMAZING in You

Two-Time Author and Inspirational Speaker on Vision, Awareness and Living an Amazing Life

You probably have figured out that Jackie Camacho-Ruiz’ favorite word is amazing. By definition, it means “startlingly impressive” and “astonishing.” Now, imagine if everyday life on the job or at home were truly amazing. By sharing vivid stories of her youth and experiences as an award-winning, successful entrepreneur, Jackie inspires thousands of people to live an amazing life through keynote addresses, guest speaker engagements, and workshops. From college campuses to corporate meetings, Jackie’s energy and honesty touches the hearts of audience members and leaves them changed forever.

Introducing The Fig Factor by Jackie Camacho-Ruiz

Just published, this inspiring memoir reveals the eight secrets or “fig factors,” as Jackie dubs them, to growth, inspiration and second chances. The story is based on the author’s real life experiences as a girl growing up in Mexico, a two-time cancer survivor, and an entrepreneur who battled great odds to build a wildly successfully public relations agency.

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